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Embroidery machine embroidery is a common embroidery technique through which a embroidery machine or embroidery thread is employed to produce patterns on cloth. It is extensively used by many industries for product branding, uniform embellishment, and personal garment adornment. This type of embroidery machine produces a high quality output that can be used again over again. It is particularly used in the apparel and fashion industry for embellishing formal wear, uniforms, and special clothes. The use of embroidery machines has grown tremendously during the past few decades because it offers highly competitive pricing when compared to machine embroidery services.

Zhuji Galaxy Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is professional China Embroidery Machine company and Embroidery Machine Suppliers. Production and export of high-speed intelligent embroidery machines and accessories. We continue to innovate and develop personalized embroidery machines, keeping up with the latest technology in the embroidery industry! Galaxy set up tubular machine production line since 2007 and expand our product range, including single-head to 12-head tubular embroidery machines, to provide our customers more options.