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  • How long can I get the feedbacks after we sent the inquiry?
    we will reply you within 12 hours in working day.
  • Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
    We are a professional embroidery machine manufacturer.
  • Which machine can you offer?
    We focus on all kind of embroidery machines , like flat , sequins , cording , chain stitch , coiling and tapping , tubular embroidery machine .
  • What applications do your machines relate to?
    Our machines cover a wide range of apparel industries including caps, t-shirts, finish garments, shoes, schools or traveling bags and many more.
  • Can you do customized products?
    Yes,we are mainly doing customized embroidery machines according to the customers’ drawings or requirements .
  • How to guarantee the quality of your machines?
    We will do the inspection after every process. For the finished machines, we will do a 100% inspection according to the customers’s requirements and the international standard, to make sure the stitches come out perfectly.
  • What’s the payment term?
    when we quote for you,we will confirm with you the way of transaction. the most common way is by T/T in advance. DP and L/C is also acceptable.
  • How to deliver the goods to us?
    Usually we will ship the goods to you by sea ,from Ningbo port or Shanghai,for some country we can arrange door to door delivery(DDP term).Any way, we will help you choose the most suitable shipping service.
  • How to provide technical support after delivery?
    After delivery, we will provide you with lifetime online services through WhatsApp, WeChat and email. If necessary, we can also send engineers to your location to help you.
  • How to become a Galaxy agent?
    We already have agents in some countries/regions, but we are looking for agents in other countries/regions. If you are interested in selling our machines, just contact us to join the Galaxy family, we will provide you with the best agent price and help you expand your sales.  
  • Color change of failure
    1, the parking is not in place, can not change color.Troubleshoot parking problems. 2, the nose bite, can not change color.Troubleshoot nose problems. 3, change color rod damage, can not change color, eliminate the rod fault. 4, change the color light is not on, can not change the color, check whether the needle position board is damaged.Installation is in place, change color CAM, bearing is bad, pull rod bite dead, change color CAM ball is broken. 5. If there is a problem with the color changing motor, it cannot change the color, so it can eliminate the fault of the color changing motor. 6. The gear of wire rod is not matched properly.Adjust the trestle.
  • The nose of failure
    1. No needle or half of the needle will bounce back (needle dancing phenomenon) (1) the electromagnet did not release, always in a working state.Check the electromagnet. (2) on the dead point position is wrong, adjust 0° position. The place block damage.Change the pendulum. (4) pin rod guide plate damage, replace the pin rod guide plate. (5) operation error, check whether in the repair embroidery position. 2. The minimum position of 172° is often offset, check whether the eccentric chuck is clamped. 3. Do not press the foot when parking. (1) the electromagnet failure, clean or replace the electromagnet. (2) broken line detection board fault, check the plug, detection line and broken line detection board. (3) power plate damage, fuse burn out or bridge burn out.Exchange. (4) pin rod spring is not good, exchange spring.
  • Skipped stitch
    machine needle and hook fit is not good, the needle is too high, clearance is too large. Adjust needle height and height. Damaged shuttle.In the hook. Spring under the needle rod is broken. Replace the spring. The embroidery is too loose. Taut embroidery fabric. pressure foot too high or deformation. Adjust or replace pressure foot. (when the needle stops, the gap between the presser foot and the needle plate shall be 0.5mm to 1.5mm) depending on the thickness of the fabric.
  • Broken needle
    1, machine needle bending, tight needle screw loose.Need to replace machine needle and tighten needle screw. 2. The clearance between shuttle and needle is too small.Adjust the clearance. 3, clamping plate pressure is too tight, surface line tension is too large, adjust the tension. 4. Pin hole, pin plate hole and machine needle are not aligned. 5. The frame shifting Angle is wrong, adjust the frame shifting Angle. 6, machine needle quality is not good, replace machine needle. 7. Hook position deviation, adjust hook.
  • Blocking line
    Plug line is the line under the needle plate knot ball, plug pinhole, the result is broken line. 1. The gap gap between positioning hook and shuttle frame is unreasonable.Readjust. 2, embroidery is too thin or too loose, needle plate hole is too big.Pad two or three layers of non-woven paper. 3. The thread fails.Check the thread. 4. The bottom line is too loose and the exit direction is wrong.Adjust the bottom line. 5. There is debris or deformation in the shuttle shell, which causes the shuttle core to rotate unsmoothly and easily break the bottom line.